Submit A Post is now LIVE!

As promised, You (yes you!) can now submit a post for inclusion on this website. You can now help contribute to the dynamic and exciting content that is Maryland Mensa. I hope you’re excited. I am.

What this means is that we need you to start contributing. Document Maryland Mensa events, and upload any and all photos you have taken. Write your thoughts on all things Mensa related. Write your thoughts on things not Mensa related. I will try to include each and every post submitted!

Now is your chance to more actively contribute to this exciting project! I look forward to seeing what you post. The link is listed in the Site Navigation Widget in the side bar! –>

One thought on “Submit A Post is now LIVE!

  1. Maryland Mensa’s Executive Committee will hold a special meeting in At-large Member Jean O’Donnell’s back yard at 2:30 pm on Saturday, 11 July, for the purpose of discussing and deciding whether to amend MM Standing Rule 8 (“At all Executive Committee meetings, personal attendance is required for participation and for quorum count. (Adopted 11/5/2017 in response to AML minimum standard bylaw requirement 5 C.)”) to enable virtual participation in future meetings via Zoom or other teleconferencing methods.


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