Welcome to Maryland Mensa's Bringing Resources and Involvement to Gifted Homes Together (BRIGHT) program.  Maryland Mensa is developing BRIGHT to serve the needs of gifted youth, their families, and their educators; so if you are looking for support, ideas, and opportunities, you have come to the right place! You can also e-mail Kristine Poptanich, the Maryland Mensa Gifted Youth Coordinator, with specific questions at Kristine dot Poptanich at gmail dot com, or connect with us via our Facebook Page.

For Gifted Families.  Maryland Mensa developed BRIGHT to identify, challenge, and support gifted youth across Maryland.  If you want the highlights, this is where to start! For Educators.  Academic Partners in Excellence (APEX) is designed to support academic partners committed to providing exceptional opportunities for gifted students.
Annual Interest Survey.  Let your voice be heard and help shape the future of BRIGHT programming and activities!  We're always interested in hearing from you! Achieved Excellence Award Program.  Nominate a gifted youth or supporting adult for the recognition they so richly deserve using our easy online form!
Intellectual Leadership Program.  The Intellectual Leadership Program is all about challenging gifted youth and teaching them to push the boundaries of their intelligence. The Challenge Box.  Participating youth will receive a Challenge Box in the mail containing a challenge and the sundry parts they can use to answer the challenge.  A new box will be available each quarter.
The Creativity Challenge.  Apply your intelligence and creativity to local, regional, and international problems du jour with free license (and encouragement) to think outside the box! Thought Leaders.  Take a deep-dive into an issue of interest and develop the intellectual foundation to see and evaluate the issue, and potential solutions, in a new light.
Virtual Chess Club.  We welcome new and established players to join us for one-on-one matches and tournaments with other Young Mensans from across the country!  (Launching 2016) Picture Your Abilities.  Our youth photography competition.  The spring theme is The Wonders of STEM.
Pi Day Resources.  A FREE compilation of 3.14 Pi Day Activities for interested teachers and homeschooling families. The Cryptography Challenge.  Join the fun breaking codes and coming up with your own in a ranked competition to name the 2016 Cryptography Champion! (Launching Summer 2016)
Additional Resources.  Links to materials from our past activities and groups that share our mission to support gifted youth, their families, and their educators!

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