Maryland Mensa developed The Challenge Box as a way to provide hands on fun and a little healthy competition for gifted youth from across the country.  Youth can participate individually, or in teams, and do NOT need to live in Maryland or be a part of Mensa to participate.  For more details, please e-mail Kristine Poptanich, Maryland Mensa's Gifted Youth Coordinator at Kristine dot Poptanich at gmail dot com, or click on the links below if you're ready to jump right in!

Start Here.  Check out our one pager for a quick overview of the Challenge Box program! Learn More.  You have questions, and we have answers.  Let us know if we missed anything! STEM.  Get the instructions that were used and register your results here!
Geography.  It's completely virtual, so everyone can participate! STEM.  A creative engineering, physics, and teamwork challenge! Negotiation.  Your opportunity to test out this key life skill!
STEM.  Building bridges helps connect people ... and brain cells!

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